Linda Lareau
For Auburn City Council

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Linda Lareaufor Auburn City Council

Auburn City Council needs my Leadership!

I care about this community. I have the drive and experience to make positive changes in the development, growth, and overall vision for the city through establishing policy, passing local ordinances, and voting appropriations.

Advocating for my community is important to me. My focus as a City Council Member will be public health and safety, local business regulations, affordable housing and child care, education, environmental issues, youth and community services like art and recreation classes, and city events.

The Auburn City Council needs me at the table. I speak up about what matters. I have the drive to make positive changes. I am connected to my community. I have a long history of establishing and working towards big goals and achieving them.

Living and working, building relationships and businesses in Auburn, I know this community inside and out. It needs my leadership. As an Auburn City Council Member, I will support, inspire and contribute with my unique voice and deep seated interests.

Vote Linda!
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